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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Why do organisms reproduce? Reply To: Why do organisms reproduce?

  • Aakriti

    May 6, 2021 at 5:56 am
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    Reproduction is the process of continuation of species. It is the process by which new organisms are formed.

    It is necessary because of the following reasons-

    1. for the continuation of species

    2. For the formations of new organisms

    3. For the continuation of the life on earth

    4. To maintain the life chain

    5. To pass on the genes

    Organisms can reproduce by two ways-

    1. Asexual

    2. Sexual

    ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION- In this process only a single parent is involved and no gamete formation takes place.

    For example- Amoeba, Yeast , Hydra etc.

    There are different types of Asexual Reproduction and they are-

    1. Budding

    2. Fission

    3. Vegetative Propagation

    4. Regeneration

    5. Spore formation

    SEXUAL REPRODUCTION- In this process two parents are involved and gamete formation takes place.

    For example- Humans, Animals

    Reproductive organs of the organisms are required for this type of reproduction.

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