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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Why do organisms reproduce? Reply To: Why do organisms reproduce?


    May 6, 2021 at 6:15 am
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    Reproduction is a process of producing young ones of the same kind by the organisms. Every organism whether it is unicellular or multicellular reproduce to produce new organisms. Reproduction is a very important process according to the point of view of genetics as well as ecology. If we assume that a particular species stops reproducing, in some time or may be in some years we will not be able to see the organism of this species which causes a severe loss in gene pool of the organisms. Every gene tends to maintain itself and reproduction is a means for this. This sudden disappearance of any particular organism will certainly effect the dynamics of the ecosystem and ultimately will cause imbalance in environment, it will disturb the food chains and the energy flow in the ecosystem. Many lower organisms reproduce to produce a large number of offsprings because if by chance many of them die in nature few can still survive, hence providing survival advantage to the species. Reproduction is the process which is very much responsible for the creation of variations and helps in the process of evolution. Though reproduction is a complex process for any organisms then also an individual spend a huge amount of its energy and lifespan in this process to maintain its species in nature for a longer time by providing it a survival advantage over other organisms.

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