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Activity Discussion Environment Why do birds make nest? Reply To: Why do birds make nest?

  • Sakchi

    May 6, 2021 at 8:30 am
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    Birds built nest usually to lay eggs. Birds, firstly search a suitable place to built their nest mostly between the branches of big trees there they, built up their nest. Birds especially make best to lay eggs and hatch it . When birds lay egg they need to hatch it then the egg will grow into new bird .They feed their Chicks , teaches flying . They also built nest to protect themselves and their chicks from adverse atmospheric conditions like cold, rain and wind . Nest is like a ‘home sweet home’ for birds. But the basic purpose of any nest is to facilitate the raising of young, providing a functional and safe environment for both eggs and babies. (In some species, males also use nest building to attract females in some cases. Also some birds donot built nest like crow they lay their eggs in the nest of cuckoo’s nest (Indian koyal). They cuckoo hatch them, protect them and feed them too. When they become (crows chicks ) capable of fly they fly . Thank you!! @why do birds make nest.

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