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Activity Discussion General Discussion Does Bermuda Triangle exist? Reply To: Does Bermuda Triangle exist?

  • Pratibha

    May 6, 2021 at 3:12 pm
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    If you are asking about the myths of the Bermuda Triangle, which involve a portal to another universe or flying saucers, then the answer is: that has been disproven.

    While, allegedly, ships and planes disappear on clear days and without a trace, neither statement is true. Most disappearances happen in bad weather; and the disappeared ships and places have been found on the bottom of the sea.

    It is possible that a phenomenon known as “blue holes” may explain some of the ships disappearing. Blue holes are submarine limestone caves of incredible depth. There is reason to believe that blue holes can engender whirlpools, which could account for ships disappearing.

    It has been suggested that a freak magnetic phenomenon can account for the planes going down. That has not been proven.

    But the most likely explanations involve bad weather, and possibly blue holes. All of which are natural and terrestrial phenomena. There is no reason to assume the supernatural or the extraterrestrial.

    So: yes, it exists. No, there’s nothing special or supernatural about it.

    And ships and planes routinely sail and fly over the Bermuda Triangle. Most of them reach their destination

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