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Activity Discussion Environment why should we save water Reply To: why should we save water

  • Aruja

    May 8, 2021 at 12:45 pm
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    Our 2/3 earth is covered with water but only 1% water is suitable for consumption. Besides that 1% of water rest has very high amount of salt present in it, which is very harmful for living organism to consume.

    Day by day our rivers are draining out which once used to provide fresh water to us. Rivers not only provide water for daily use to people living near it but also a high number of farmers use river water to irrigate their fields. the groundwater level is getting reduced rapidly as the usage is high, but the water is unable to reach down within earth crust as plastic had already made a layer on the ground surface, which does not allow rain water or any from any other form of water to go down. Factories that produce chemical waste release these harmful waste materials without even filtering them directly into water bodies. At the same time they use water for there production also. the sewage system is also not designed well as the dirty water released from our homes produced by our daily activities is also sent to water bodies without even getting filtered.

    Soon there will be no fresh water left for our use. If this continue to happen in future we have to invest a huge amount of money in placing filters for using water. so its better to save water from now. there are any people who didn’t even get water to drink. to meet their daily water requirement they had wait for hours or for days. In some different parts of world people have to walk miles to have water for a day.

    Save water for future from today.

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