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Activity Discussion Environment How do fishes breath at extreme pressure at the bottom of the sea? Reply To: How do fishes breath at extreme pressure at the bottom of the sea?

  • 1957 saurav

    May 9, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    Not Helpful

    First of all you have to know that the spices of fish for whom you are talking about Have already evolved in those conditions. From your point of view it’s hard to breathe for them in extreme Pressure. But for them it’s normal.

    And generally fish have to pass water through their gill to get oxygen. Also in the deep sea. Where..low temperature , high Pressure , low nutrients and low dissolved oxygen content . They do the same. Because they are adapt themselves that helps them to breathe.. like heart adapt in such a way that it can produce higher stoke volume etc.

    In most area under the deep sea doesn’t have low oxygen levels so fish can breathe as same as they do in pond and rivers.

    And in the deep sea their is no limit of food. So in order to save energy many fishes in the deep sea have low metabolism ( means they need less oxygen than the fish in different environments) . Due to the availability of food . They move little, instead wait for food to fall from the more nutrient-rich layers above them. This way, they can use less oxygen for energy production.

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