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Activity Discussion Environment Why and how should we avoid wastage of food Reply To: Why and how should we avoid wastage of food

  • Aruja

    May 9, 2021 at 2:19 pm
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    First of all why we should we avoid food wastage?

    Not only you yourself should avoid food wastage but also make sure that around you, no one is wasting food. Daily millions of people had to starve themselves and their family. Many die due to appetite, malnutritions. Just because they don’t have money to buy food. These includes beggars, farmers, peasants, etc like people who have seasonal or no work at all. Many just get food once a day, same because they cant afford it or nobody had given the left over from there house. At last when they don’t want to die due to starvation they eat from trash bin, eating literally anything they get. Then they get sick and eventually they die from different diseases, as they don’t have money to go to hospital and seek proper treatment. There are many animals on street, you can feed them as all animals cannot fight for there food as they are weak due to less age or malnutrition. But most importantly they also need care. this is a very simple, kind and should be done act of humanity by all to all who needs it, whether animals or humans.

    How we can avoid wastage of food?

    1) Whatever is left over food is there in your house. Go outside and give them to animals on street and maybe some poor people, beggar, etc but don’t throw it away or leave it in your house to stale.

    2) You can make a commercial spot somewhere in your neighbourhood where everyone can donate their food who need it.

    3) Spread awareness about it.

    4) make sure you don’t leave food in your plate or cook extra, or buy extra food which you cannot finish by yourself. If this happens you can donate it also.

    5) Keep things which can stay fresh for a long time or store them properly. There are many ways to do these things.

    6) If you are really passionate about these things, you can join NGO or organisations, etc.

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