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Activity Discussion History Jallianwala bagh incident. Reply To: Jallianwala bagh incident.

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    May 9, 2021 at 2:28 pm
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    Jalianwala bagh incident , otherwise known as Jalianwalabagh massacre was one of the biggest black marks which happened to British India. The incident happened at Jalianwalabagh in Amritsar , Punjab . India was under British colonialism while this incident happened . British imposed detention of political prisoners without trial for two years through an act called rowlatt act. This created a wave of protest from different parts of the nation. Two major leaders, Satyapal and Saifuddeen Kitchlu were arrested and was moved to a secret place. This instigated mass protests across Punjab. The people who gathered for baisali ( a festival in India) celebrations and protests moved to JalianwalaBagh. Jalian wala Bagh was an open ground so about 25000 people gathered there. During this time a military general, General Dyer with his military troops entered the area and ordered to start firing. The unarmed people began to run for their lives. About 1000 people died at the incident due to the struggle for escape and bullets fired. This incident led to a permanent scar in Indo British relations and struggle for freedom intensified . Following the inhumane incident, strikes ,violence and attacks on Government offices took place in many places. Later, Gen.Dyer was shot dead by a nationalist named Udham Singh.

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