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Activity Discussion Environment Why and how should we avoid wastage of food Reply To: Why and how should we avoid wastage of food

  • Sudesna

    May 10, 2021 at 8:28 am
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    Food is essential to life, it provides with the means of staying alive and is a part of the life-giving commodity to people, so wasting such a source would mean and can cost a lot to the community, as a class of people doesn’t get enough food to eat and another class frequently wasting it tampers the image of a healthy society, so, it should definitely not be wasted.

    First, we have to know about the reasons for food loss, they can of a large variety consisting from a weather issue to the food processing defaults, overproducing food, and improper storing buying of food, planning on how to use the food and the dilemma over the safety labels makeup to food loss.

    Now coming to why the food should not be wasted, as said, it is a life-giving and life-saving commodity so it should be saved and used only in terms of need and requirement. on throwing away food, it will cause harm to soil and if the soil is losing its vigor, it can be harmful as millions of years are needed to make a single layer of soil and that precious soil losing its vigor would mean a lot to the whole human population, another point is that it saves monetary charges as of buying less food will cost you less, also thinking logically, one can live without any financial means or shelter but one can’t live without food, food is life for everyone, food once wasted is lost and lost things are hard to accomplish. Food waste has an impact on the environment, it disturbs the whole climate, the carbon dioxide emissions are increased on food loss, energy and food resources are depleted, indirectly reducing the environmental pollution, which is associated with the manufacture, transport, and selling of food. landfills are also less fed into making the soil richer in the due process.

    Finally, coming to how to avoid wastage of food, one can opt for smart shopping, only buying the food as needed goes a long way and is an economically viable thought , now coming to storing the food correctly, if the food is stored improperly, it will lead to huge loss of food as the quality of the food will become bad eventually, we have to learn how to preserve food, the methods taken to preserve food should be taken into account, we have to check the expiry dates or simply the shelf life of the food and use it by the respective date, overbuying anything is harmful, we can reduce overbuying, proper planning is required in terms of food, we have to learn how to use our refrigerator in terms of proper food storage, so we can save a massive food loss by this ways

    So, these are the main causes of food wastage, and how to prevent it.

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