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Activity Discussion Environment Why and how should we avoid wastage of food Reply To: Why and how should we avoid wastage of food

  • Tejasri

    May 10, 2021 at 11:07 am
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    The food grains are produced by the farmer under the tough conditions. And it’s cooked so well with all patience. A study shows that about 1.3 billion tonnes of food is been wasted everyday. It’s an indirect form of wasting the one’s money also. It’s so disrespectful way to throw the food away which is made with all patience and love.

    The farmer struggles a lot irrespective to the seasons and putting his health aside he strives so hard to produce the food grains. He feels so happy the food grains are into his hands. He celebrates the day with full joy. And the food grains are purchased and are made into food with so much of struggle. Also the mother cooks the food with lots of love and affection towards you in the home. When is bought from a restaurant , they take good amount for it. So, it’s a loss for the people who wastes the food for no reason.

    There are orphans who are left abandoned struggling to find food. Instead of wasting the food and throwing it out, the food can be given the orphans and abandoned people. It may fill their stomachs and they find a reason to survive. They feel so happy and blessed to have the food which you’ve provided to them. The leftover food can also be given to the dogs on the streets which are left abandoned.

    Here are some tips to stop the wastage of the food:-

    — Shop only the small amount of foodstuffs, don’t go for higher amounts.

    —Cook only the required amount not more than the requirements.

    —The food can also be preserved in the refrigerator to stop its wastage.

    —Try to attempt the left over food to new ones.

    —Feed the street dogs with the left over food.

    —Before cooking the food, try to check the number of persons available to stop the wastage.

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