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Activity Discussion History Short note on Mahatma Gandhi Reply To: Short note on Mahatma Gandhi

  • Aruja

    May 10, 2021 at 12:09 pm
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    Mahatma Gandhi also known as the ‘Father of nation’. HE was born in purvanda, Gujarat on 2/ Oct / 1869. Mohandas Karamchandra Gandhi was his full name, people used to call him M.K. Gandhi also. He was born in a middle class family, his father name was Karamchandra Gandhi and mothers name was Putlibai. When he was young he was a really shy, an introverted kid. In 1874 his family shifted to rajkot. In 1876 his father became the dewan of rajkot. when Gandhi ji was 9 he used to attend the local school in raajkot and when he was only 11 he completed his high school studies, in which he used to learn arathmatics, history, Gujarati language. During this time he discovered that he was good in studies but he was not good in sports. in 1883 when he was only 13 his parents got him married to a 1 year older girl than him ‘kasturi’. But after getting married he denied to stay together as foe him getting married at such a young age doesn’t mean anything. Then when he turned 18 his wife gave birth to there 1st child, but after some days the new born died. at that time only he completed his graduation from Ahmadabad. he got suggestion to study law aboard, but at around that time he had there 2nd child name hiralal. So his mother doesn’t want him to leave his family at young age and go aboard. But he was sure that he will go England to study law, he promised his mother that he will be fine there and will take good care of himself. In 1888 he left for England, he studied law and work on his shyness and willing to increase his confident to speak in front of people.So he joined public speaking group in England. When he was in England his mother died and nobody informed him about this. In 1891 when he came back to India after completing his studies then he discovered the whole thing. He started practicing law in Indian court. Once he got an offer that would he like to work as lawyer in south Africa, and he accepted that proposal. the same year he left for south Africa. In south Africa once he bought a ticket for 1st class in train. all the white people beat him at the station and didn’t allow him to travel although he had the ticket for 1st class. this was all because the British colonization in Africa, as white people don’t like black or middle class around them. This was a really bad experience for him. Then he came back to India, Started many movement, conference, parties, etc. He started fighting for swaraj walking on the path of non-violence and truth. And finally on 15th / August / 1947 India became an independent country.

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