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Activity Discussion General Discussion Tips to control tension Reply To: Tips to control tension

  • Aruja

    May 10, 2021 at 12:32 pm
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    Tension is a condition of mind where you start overthinking and starts worrying very hard about every single problem you have. Now the point is, everyone in this world have problems, but it doesn’t mean that every single person takes tension. No, because if we think practically you are Hurting your mind and body, where if we say that you are that emotional person its tough for you to overcome tension.

    1) Do yoga and meditation. These two are most effective ways to forget your tension and gives you felling of self love so that you stop hurting your mind and body. It will Provide you a stable state where you can figure out is it really worth to take tension and what are the possible opportunities or ways to overcome it.

    2) Take a break or maintain distance from the thing that gives you tension.

    3) Meet people whom you think can make you forget your tension or console you, make you feel happy.

    4) Engage yourself in the work you love to do. But don’t over work yourself, it should give you peace of mind.

    5) Think only positive thing about every situation, no matter how hard it is, create a shell of positivity around yourself. Do everything that gives you positive, good vibes.

    That’s all you just have to create a feeling of self love for yourself.

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