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Activity Discussion Math Tips to solve a problem easily Reply To: Tips to solve a problem easily

  • Aruja

    May 10, 2021 at 12:46 pm
    Not Helpful

    Tips to solve math problem are as follows.

    1) Read the question properly until you get it right and you are sure about it.

    2) Find the formula or method from which the question can be solved, find the easiest method.

    3) Always cross check your calculation.

    4) Try to move step by step don’t move to conclusion without analyzing the whole question and the method you are following.

    5) Make sure to apply rules properly, don’t mold them into question according to your requirement. Because if you did you would not be able to find the correct answer.

    6) You should memories the table, formulas and all basic rules properly. And apply them where required properly.

    7) Practice daily if you are weak at something and if you really want to improve. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Don’t cheat, because if you will do so you will never be able to find your potential.

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