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Activity Discussion Environment Reduce the usage of plastic Reply To: Reduce the usage of plastic

  • Rupali

    May 11, 2021 at 9:19 am
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    The plastic’s invasion of the planet is reality. Just remember that the plastic waste island floating in the plastic ocean now measures 1.6 million km2. If we want to save the planet, the time has come for each one of us to take action.

    The Fact that plastic are now a serious headache for the planet. We need to reduce plastic use.

    Here’s are the some tips for reducing plastic.

    1) Avoid single-use plastics such as drinking straw

    2) If you go shopping, remember to take a cloth bag.

    3) Recycle chewing gum…it’s also make of plastic!

    4) Replace plastic Tupperware for glass or steel containers

    5) when hanging out wishing use wooden pegs instead of plastic ones.

    6) pay attention and put your plastic waste in the correct recycling container .

    8) Avoid using cosmetics that use micro-plastics, but a biodegradable brush and wear natural.

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