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  • Aruja

    May 11, 2021 at 1:50 pm
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    First a fall what is plastic? Plastic is a man made material which cannot be decomposed as it is not a natural substance. Plastic is invented to make the normal life easy plastic is basically introduced as the container to every single household stuff that we buy in day to day life. As it cannot be decomposed, it takes millions of year to decompose into soil and people are using plastic in a huge amount and they are decomposing plastic in every new place which is getting polluted because of the plastic waste thrown there. And where there is demand of plastic the production of plastic is also growing in a huge amount which is a really serious thing.

    Problems because of plastic waste.

    1)Because formation of a layer of classic into the soil the rain water is not able to reach the level of the groundwater water because of which the level of groundwater is decreasing very rapidly.

    2) Daily so many animals die not only on the land but into the sea also because of eating plastic or may be getting trapped into plastic. Because people are throwing plastic out and innocent animals who don’t know what to eat and what not to eat they eat plastic without knowing that it’s dangerous and into the sea people are composing tons of plastic because of which the aquatic life is in danger because they also get trapped into it and die because of suffucation.

    3) Humans are also getting affected due to the increase of plastic waste there are many people out there who think that burning plastic is effective way to destroy it or decompose it but they don’t know that the dangerous gases that releases during the process of burning of plastic, it can cause severe respiratory chronic disease to humans as well and also gives a tremendous increase in to the global warming and air pollution.

    Ways to reduce plastic waste and the effects of plastic pollution.

    1) Spread awareness around you to people who are using classic in a very large amount or who are using wrong ways to decompose plastic like not showing it into the right place aur buying polythenes or buying plastic staff to save money, etc.

    2) use paper bags jute bags or the eco friendly bags instead of plastic polythene and insisted of plastic containers use paper plate Steel or glass utensils. Now a days many people are introducing eco friendly replacements for plastic, so put some efforts, spread awareness about those products.

    3) Always decompose plastic in the right container as government has already separated the biodegradable and nonbiodegradable waste which are decomposed by using proper methods which causes minimum harm to our earth. So support and follow all government rules and policies.

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