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Activity Discussion History Explain briefly the rise of Napoleon. Reply To: Explain briefly the rise of Napoleon.

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    May 11, 2021 at 5:04 pm
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    Whenever we study or read about French Revolution we will come across the name Napoleon Bonaparte. Who was Napoleon Bonaparte? What was his importance in French Revolution? Here is the answer. Napoleon was born on the 15th of August, 1769, in French occupied Corsica. His father was Carlo Maria di Bonaparte, and his mother, Maria Letizia Ramolino. Napoleon’s father Carlo Maria De Bonaparte was an ardent supporter of corsican resistance movement. The family of Napoleon shifted to France, so that Napoleon along with his brother got admission in French college D’Auten. Later Napoleon attended Military College and the Military Academy in Paris. Following the death of his father, Napoleon moved back to Corsica in order to look after his family . After some years, Napoleon moved back to France and joined French military as a commissioned officer. The jacobians came into power for a short period known as reign of terror.Fortunately for Napoleon, he fell out of favor with Jacobin leadership, letting him avoid execution, and fell into the good graces of the Government, which he defended from counter-revolutionary fighters in 1795. considering his services, he was appointed as the commander of the Army . She became a trusted military advisor to the government. His tactical movements led French Army to many victories. In June of 1799, the Jacobins staged a coup and took control of the country. Napoleon returned in October of the same year, and schemed with a member of the new government to perform a second coup, this one placing him and two others in power. Napoleon’s coup was successful, and saw the adoption of a new constitution in 1800, and the creation of a position known as the first consul, which was effectively a dictatorship. He created many changes in the socio economic conditions of France. Borders began to increase. In 1804, he was crowned the emperor of the France. After 1811, the economic stability of France began to collapse. British forces were leaping to the French territories. Due to Extreme tensions within and out of his country, Napoleon surrendered . He was exiled, later came back to France but failed again on battle of Waterloo. He was again exiled to a remote Island and his request to make his son the next emperor was rejected. He later died on 5th May 1821.

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