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Activity Discussion History What were the social ,economic and political conditions in Russia before 1905? Reply To: What were the social ,economic and political conditions in Russia before 1905?

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    May 11, 2021 at 5:27 pm
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    Russia was not a communist country back then. Russia was under the reign of Tsar dynasty. Public were under political unrest and oppressed . This led to a mass protest which overthrown the Tsar dynasty and established a new constitution.

    In December 1904, the first Spark of the revolution was ignited at Saint Petersburg. This protest spread across the country which resulted in halting of the social life. Under the leadership of a group of revolutionaries, a mass petition was given to the Tsar dynasty at the winter Palace. At some point the troops open the fire at the protesters and an approximate thousand people lost their life on this outrage. This incident is known as the bloody Sunday. Many people consider this incident as the incident which started the Russian revolution.

    Later, The October Manifesto, written by Sergei Witte and Alexis Obolenskii, was presented to the Tsar on October 14. It closely followed the demands of the Zemstvo Congress in September, granting basic civil rights, allowing the formation of political parties, extending the franchise towards universal suffrage, and establishing the Duma as the central legislative body.When the manifesto was proclaimed, there were spontaneous demonstrations of support in all the major cities. The strikes in St. Petersburg and elsewhere officially ended or quickly collapsed. A political amnesty was also offered. The concessions came hand-in-hand with renewed, brutal action against the unrest. There was also a backlash from the conservative elements of society, with right-wing attacks on strikers, left-wingers, and Jews. Later many black shed protests happened all across the country and about 15,000 people has been executed.

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