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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is nutrition? Why and how does it play an important role in living beings? Reply To: What is nutrition? Why and how does it play an important role in living beings?

  • Edutuber

    May 11, 2021 at 5:44 pm
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    We may have come across the board nutritionist at many hospitals. Nutritionist is a person who is an expert in nutrients and importance of nutrients in daily diet. Deficiency of Nutrition causes stunted growth, foetal disabilities and in some cases , severe malnutrition leads to deadly diseases and is lethal. This statement itself shows the importance of nutrients in our food. There are 7 major nutrients that the body needs.

    1. Carbohydrate ,2. Proteins, 3. Fats, 4. Minerals, 5.fibre and 6. Water. Any deficiency in these seven major nutrients causes malfunction inside our body. Some nutritionists suggest that water is the major nutrients that our body needs. Need of the transportation of compounds via blood, maintenance of body temperature, for the proper functioning of internal organs. Nutrition plays a great role in our life. Nutrition value is more important for any individual’s health. So it is very important that we need to be more aware about our food and water intake. The nutrients play a major role in maintaining and repairing the damaged cells of the body. Protein is a major nutrient that helps in building muscles. Carbohydrate deals with the energy levels. It is responsible for the overall energy of the individual. Fats provide us with extra energy. Vitamins are organic compounds which regulate our body functions and make sure that our body is functioning properly. Minerals regulate our body processes and also make new body tissues.

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