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  • Sakchi

    May 12, 2021 at 11:46 am
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    We live in the land of festivals, yes our country India has 29 states and each States has their own rituals and practices . Indian festivals has its own importance and glory . Talking from the beginning in january the first festival which is widely celebrated is on 14th January as Makar Sankranti in north east India ,pongal in South India , magha saaji in himachal , uttaryam in gujrat, poush barbon in west bengal , khichdi in bihar and jharkhand . What this implies one festival so many names and we all celebrate with brotherhood . There is always unity in diversity in our country . In February we celebrate festival of love generally called as “valentine’s day” . We share our love , care and respect with each other after that it’s time for one of my favourite festival , yes festival of colours – holi . Next to this Eid Mubarak is celebrated all across the country . After having fast “roza” for one whole month we celebrate Eid .

    In the month of August – September Ganesh chaturthi is widely celebrated in over India but most popularly in Maharashtra . We worship lord Ganesha for 10 days . Dusshera is also celebrated for 10 days . In this we worship Maa Durga and on the 10th day we celebrate Vijayadashami . It is believed that on this day lord Ram had killed Ravaana . After , that we celebrate Diwali or Deepawali , festival of lights. People lights candles and dias , decorate their home and worship Maa Laxmi and ganesha . Chatth puja is also celebrated after deepawali in bihar , Uttar Pradesh and jharkhand . Truly , India is the land of festivals. We celebrate countless number of festivals , I cannot explain each of them in a short note .

    But every festival has a message and reason behind it , why we should celebrate it . Festival teachers us to live our life with happiness . We should respect each other. We should always believe in unity in diversity . We should spread love , care and respect to everyone.

    Thank you!!

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