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Activity Discussion Environment What is the remedy for global warming? Reply To: What is the remedy for global warming?

  • Kumari

    May 12, 2021 at 12:07 pm
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    The ways or remedies through which global warming can be controlled are-
    1. Planting more and more trees as it absorbs the Co2 from the environment and avoiding deforestation.
    2. Go for cycle in the place of cars as the smoke from the engine is very harmful for our environment.
    3. Turn off electrical devices when there is no use.
    4. Save water. Switch off taps when not needed like while brushing aur cleaning utensils.
    5. Recycle things as much as possible.
    6. Avoid using heaters and air conditioners as the gas which comes out is very harmful for the nature.
    7. Aware people around you about global warming, its causes, harmfull effects and how it can be controlled.
    8. Use local goods as the goods which are transported from different places requires a transport which exhales poisonous gas.
    9. Walk or cycle to buy vegetable and local markets. Do not use car to for local movement.
    10. Change your refrigerator and air conditioners within a couple of years as as it gets older the gas becomes more poisonous.
    11. Change your car within 15 years as older cars causes more pollution and technology is upgrading towards causing lesser harmful gass for the environment.
    12. Do not smoke as the harmful gas causes harm to the environment.
    13. Go for CNG cars as the CNG gas is less toxic than diesel fumes. It also creates less noise pollution.
    14. Use electrical appliances which are 5 stare as it uses less radiation.
    15. The industrial waste that comes out from the factories pollutes the water and it should be avoided.
    As we see that now in India we have 9-10 months for summer and 1-2 months for winter this is the effect of global warming. Global warming is a very dangerous calamity people should make sure to keep these things in mind and protect our nature.

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