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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to develop personality? Reply To: How to develop personality?

  • Tejasri

    May 12, 2021 at 12:28 pm
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    There are numerous ways to develop the personality, some of them include the following.

    1. Self awareness:- An individual must motivate himself or herself, and must possess the courage to do things. In one or the other way the individual must train themselves in such a way that they excel in a particular thing or an aspect. Self-awareness is very important in developing a personality.

    2. Self-knowledge:- Self knowledge plays a crucial role in personality development. We must have the knowledge to build the personality, for that there are several ways to attain it. Some of the basic ways include,reading books, learning from Aldos etc. it is better to learn when you know nothing as something is better than nothing.

    3. Quality of life:- Quality of life is very important thing. The way you are spending your life, the way you’re working on things, the way you are respectful towards the things and the way you are achieving the things is very important.

    4.Dreams:- And individual must have some dreams because it is very important to dream. This is because, if an individual dream about a thing then he or she tries so hard to achieve it in one of the other day the dream will surely be achieved. This is how dreams help to build your personality or to develop your personality. So, never neglect dreams instead try to fulfill them and try to achieve them in your life.

    5.Identity:- Identity is a very important thing in developing one’s personality. Because, it is very important to know what you are and how you are behaving. Identity is something which people around gives you. When you excel in a particular thing you’ll be identified and you’ll be appreciated. So, identity is very important to develop personality.

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