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  • Aashutosh

    May 12, 2021 at 12:28 pm
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    Tension during exam times is quite common. Often children get overwhelmed by the upcoming exams due to pressure or stress.

    Some signs of stress:

    1. Having trouble sleeping.

    2. Lack of motivation.

    3. Feeling sick.

    4. Upset stomach.

    5. Headaches.

    6. Maintaining distance from friends.

    Now, the question arises why do children are stressed during exam time?

    1. They worry about failing that exam.

    2. Want to do really well in that exam.

    3. They find it hard to understand what they’re studying.

    4. Competition with others.

    5. Don’t have much confidence in themselves.

    6. Don’t feel prepared.

    7. Didn’t get much time to prepare.

    8. Pressure from family to get good marks.

    9. Something else might be happening in their life.

    These are some sign and reason that you might feel during exam stress and can prove lethal to your mental as well as physical health.

    To cope up with studies and to get rid of these stress, here are some tips:

    1. Stick to your routine: Sticking to your routine will boost your health and you will feel confidence. Sleep, eat and wake up daily at regular time. It will grow your confidence.

    2.Eat a balanced Diet: Eating well will give you energy. Not only to your body but mind also. It will energize your mind and will increase it efficiency.

    3. No to Energy drinks: Often children make this common mistakes. They go for energy drinks to give them energy and feel motivated but it has a diverse effect. It might boost your mind for a short period of time but eventually get on your nerves making you feel more worried. Drink water instead.

    4. Exercise: Exercising can calm you down, increase your metabolism and make you feel more relax.

    5. Discuss about your problems: Always discuss about your problems whenever you feel stressed. If things are bothering you talk with your family or friends. It will lower your stress.

    Try this 5 steps and you will never feel stressed again.

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