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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Why and when do write an informal letter? Reply To: Why and when do write an informal letter?

  • Sakchi

    May 12, 2021 at 1:03 pm
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    Firstly why do we write informal letter;

    This is also a way of communication. We can share or give any information through informal letter . This is a kind of non – verbal communication . Basically there are two kinds of letter writing formal and Informal .

    Formal letter is send to our working place , it is always professional. Like letter to editor .

    But informal letter is mostly send to our family members, friends and in case of informal works . So it donot have any layout or you can say pattern . It is a kind of personal communication . You not need to be professional at this . You have right to frame this informal letter as according to you. The basic purpose of writing informal letter is Communication .

    You can write informal letter to your friends , relatives , your loved ones etc.

    Now let us talk when do we write informal letter .

    We had already discussed that informal letter doesn’t contain any kind of format or pattern . You can write in your own way. You can add emojis also. It may also in laymen language. Basically, it is non – specific .

    So, we may write informal letter to invite our friends for birthday parties and celebrations.

    In that case when we are unable to go for personal invitation , we can write informal letter and sent it.

    For information , regarding funeral of something and any other kind of information we may write informal letter.

    Praposal letter is also a kind of informal letter .

    Invitation for marriage , is also informal letter because it donot have any layout or format.

    In these situations we write informal letter, basically it is personal communication .

    Thank you!!

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