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Activity Discussion General Discussion How can we stay always positive? Reply To: How can we stay always positive?

  • Aparajita

    May 12, 2021 at 1:28 pm
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    Positive thinking can be achieved by different ways, which are proven effective by experience like: positive affirmation, positive imagery, etc.

    Following are list of tips that can help one to achieve positivity in their outlook-

    · Search good in everything

    Having positive outlook towards different things, be it any problem or anything can change the magnitude of difficulties. ‘Whatever happens, happens for good’ should be the first thought in one’s mind before anything else. Start things on positive notes is very important in order to maintain one’s mental peace.

    · Have gratitude

    One must always count on their blessings. We should be gratified for what we have, not criticize about what we don’t. As it is said, Good things take time to happen.

    · Talk to like-minded, positive people

    Talking to negative people at such a time can cause damage. Spend time and talk with people who make you happy, make you feel lively. Talking to such people makes worst things better in moments, and helps overcome the negative thoughts.

    · Positive self-talk

    Talking to yourself is the ultimate way to overcome negativity. Having self-affirmation, thinking about positive things helps a lot. Self-care, self-love should be the priority.

    · Explore humor

    Having fun often is not taxing at all. Spending more time on reading jokes, watching comic series or shows helps feel joyous. It is definitely worth try.

    · Cut yourself from negative areas

    Cutting yourself from places and people who make you feel sad, negative should be first considered to be left aside. Avoiding such places will help you avoid negativity as well.

    · Start your day with positive affirmation

    Always start day with a good positive quote or a positive self-affirmation. Mornings must start with a positive outlook. Try making a schedule, plan events for yourself, meditating early mornings helps clear mind and feel peaceful.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

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