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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why is General knowledge important? Give real life instances to support your rea Reply To: Why is General knowledge important? Give real life instances to support your rea

  • Sakchi

    May 12, 2021 at 2:51 pm
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    General knowledge is one of the most important thing in today’s world. General knowledge is knowledge which you can learn about each and every incident happening around the world. This is one of the toughest task . You cannot just read and learn all the facts . You have to work day to day and built up your knowledge .

    Benefits of general knowledge:-

    If anyone is regularly learning and working on general knowledge he/ she must have 90% chances ti qualify competitive exams including UPSC, bank and many more .

    She is aware of what is happening around the world and hence able to speak in any topic if required.

    General knowledge also impart more information about any country , culture , geography , politics and economy.

    For instance I am giving you my own example . I have opted media studies as my generic subject , so my teacher always told us to see news and work on general knowledge. So I had read the most popular incident happening in our country i.e Farm bill and trust me I was so confident after knowing all the facts and I was able to share my point of views on the topic .

    General knowledge is very important in our life we must work on it and boost our confidence and personality too.

    Another example is that now I can easily reply if my father is asking about any topic .

    It also if inhance , skills to explore the world and one can also make their career in this field . Many youtubers now open a channel and provide day to day information.

    Thus, general knowledge is like geeta for any competition exams . There is endless important of general knowledge and knowledge never goes worthless.

    Thank you!!

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