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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the foods to avoid to get fitter and healthier? Reply To: What are the foods to avoid to get fitter and healthier?

  • Ishita

    May 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm
    Not Helpful

    In today our young generation always wanted to be fit and attractive. We all wanted to be fit and strong specially in this pandemic period. So there are many ways to be fit, like- gym, jogging, yoga etc. This thing will make your body strong and your mind clam. We can be fit by doing these things but there’s also a thing which you can’t avoid and that is our food habits. There’s many people who did exercise daily but can’t get fit enough, the 90% reason of their Unfitness is their food habits. So that’s mean your food habit is really very important for your fitness. You should always have to eat healthy food daily like, fruits, vegetables, eggs etc. But there’s also some which is better to be avoided for be . I’m going to give you some list foods which you can avoid to be healthy.

    1) Oil- Oil foods always caused you health trouble like pimples, Cholesterol, heat disease etc. So it’s better to avoid oily foods like- Paratha, french fries, chips etc. It will good to be eaten occasionally.

    2) Junk foods- Junk food is the most unhealthy food. If you wanted to be fit you should always avoid junk food, like- noodles, burgers, pizza etc. It can cause many health trouble like-diarrhoea, jaundice etc.

    3)Fatty food- If you want to be fit and thin then it’s better to be avoided these kinds of foods, like- butter, cheese, ghee, ice cream etc.

    4)Sugar- I know there’re a lots of people who love to eat sweets but you know it’s better to be eaten it limited. If you want be to fit and healthy you should always avoid sugar. But there’re many sugar free products are now available in markets so it’s might not that much hard for sweet lovers.

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