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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Define sentance and explain its types. Reply To: Define sentance and explain its types.

  • Ishita

    May 12, 2021 at 6:33 pm
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    Sentence is a very important part of English grammar. We can be able to get strong in English grammar if we can adapt the methods of build a sentence. Let’s learn the definition of sentence;

    Sentence is a group of word which is together make a complete sence. It contains full stop(.), question mark (?), and exclamatory sing(!).

    So there’s a ,if a group of words together make a sentences? No it’s can’t be called sentence, for a example : “Cricket play Sachin daily”- you see there four meaningful words are together, but can you call it a sentence? No! because it doesn’t mean sense. For making sentence you have to make a sentence which can make sense and be meaningful. Example-” Sachin play cricket daily “.It do make sense right! So it is a accurate sentence.

    Types of sentence:

    There are four types of sentence,

    1) Declarative sentence

    2) Interrogative sentence

    3) Imperatives sentence

    4) Exclamatory sentence

    1) Declarative sentence:- Declarative sentence means a sentence which express a statement or declaration. This type of sentence is use to convey a massage, or expressing your view or opinion on a particular point topic.

    Example- I like to eat chocolate.

    I take bath daily.

    2) Interrogative sentence:- Interrogative sentence is a sentence which use to ask questions.

    Example- What do you like to eat?

    Do you like to read books?

    3) Imperatives sentence- Imperatives sentence is a sentence which is use to ask command or order,offer a advice or make a request.

    Example- Stop the car immediately.

    Please forgive me.

    4) Exclamatory sentence:- Exclamatory sentence is a sentence which is use to convey emotion, it ends with a exclamatory sing (!).

    Example- Wow, this place is amazing!

    Hurry, we won the match!

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