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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary how should we start to build our vocabulary ? Reply To: how should we start to build our vocabulary ?

  • Mahima

    May 12, 2021 at 8:01 pm
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    Vocabulary: It can also be called a stock of words. It is a set of commonly used words in a person’s language. In short, it is known as Vocab. A vocabulary is a valuable and essential tool for communication and information acquisition that is typically acquired as people grow older.

    Vocabulary can be divided into two types:

    a) Active Vocabulary– Words that are used in daily life by us.

    b) Passive Vocabulary- Words that are hardly used by us in daily life, but we know the meaning of those words.


    A) Listening Vocabulary: Words that we learn when we hear them from other people. The more we communicate the more we will learn new words. It is a continuous process. We start learning new words from our childhood.

    B) Speaking Vocabulary– Words used by us while speaking or having a conversation with someone. Till the time we reach adulthood, we will be able to understand and acknowledge around 50,000 words.

    C) Reading Vocabulary– The words that we learn and come across while reading any book, newspaper, or material. Even though we will not use those words but we will become familiar with those words. It is the second-largest vocabulary.

    D) Writing Vocabulary- The words we use while writing our answers, conversation. Though, it is easier to express our thoughts in oral communication.


    a. Reading habit– Develop a reading habit. even if you will read two pages daily you will come across new words. While reading note down the new words somewhere and read them again daily and try to use them daily in your daily life.

    b. One word every day– Even if you are busy in your day-to-day work, take out some time and learn one word every day, the meaning of that word, synonyms of that word. This practice will help you in learning so many words that you can’t even imagine. You will build a great vocabulary with this practice.

    c. Writing– Keep one notebook with yourself, as soon as you come across any new word, jot it down, and whenever you are free find the meaning of that word. It will also help you in improving your handwriting.

    d. Play word board games- There are many board games in the market, which are specially built for improving your vocabulary. You can remember playing some of these games as a kid, so just get those out and get to “work.”

    e. Listening to music– A fun way to learn new words is to start listening to music. Listen for words you hear in music from your favorite category.

    f. Watching movies and television– Watch English shows and movies in which you have an interest. You will have a double benefit from this that while learning new words you will also know how words are pronounced.

    g. Conversing– Start conversing in English with your friend and family and try to use new words. Learn from your mates while they converse with you.

    h. Apps– Download the app from the play store, nowadays there are many apps available. Play quizzes on them, learn new words from them.

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