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Activity Discussion General Discussion Discuss how this corona virus pandemic has affected mental health of people and Reply To: Discuss how this corona virus pandemic has affected mental health of people and

  • Anushree

    May 12, 2021 at 10:23 pm
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    The world has been facing a pandemic since the end of 2019 under the effect of one of the strongest and most dangerous viruses till date that is covid19. The pandemic is spreading like a wildfire and has affected crores of people world wide and has even taken lives of uncountable. In such a situation where, one sees destruction with wide open eyes to no proper measures to stop it, it becomes difficult for the mankind to stay in proper mental condition and lead a mental and physical healthy life.

    The pandemic has not only affected the mankind physically but it even has a great affect on the mental stability of the citizens. Among the various age groups its evident that the most affected are the teenagers who are already known to be impatient, staying home all day with an internal terror with no where to go and nothing to do has left them in an unstable mental state.

    Not only the teenagers even the elderly people are facing a lot of mental health issues as they are facing a lot of crisis and insecurities. Amid this lockdown most of the people have lost their jobs and are unable to cope up with their previous lifestyle, also the terror of what will happen next and questions such as when and how this pandemic will come to an end has left people in mental shocks.

    With the ever increasing no of cases and the death rate it is really difficult for people to cope and maintain a healthy mind setup, but at the same time it is necessary too.

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