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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Using mobile phone and its effects Reply To: Using mobile phone and its effects

  • Anushree

    May 12, 2021 at 10:44 pm
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    The invention of mobile phones is one of the greatest inventions of mankind till date. In today’s date mobiles have become a necessity with the ever-growing technology. Mobile phones with the help of internet services have opened a huge window for gaining knowledge in whichever domain a person wants, which helps in the development of mankind. Science and technology have always been a boon as well as a curse the same follows for mobile phones. Mobile phones have their utility in everything in today’s world such as:

    1. Used for studying by students.

    2. For getting attached to the world through social media platforms.

    3. Watching any shows or news.

    4. Doing online shopping.

    5. Working

    6. Management

    7. Sending or tracking locations

    8. Doing leisure activities and whatnot.

    With the ever-growing technology it has helped the mankind to grow to a great extend but as every thing has its own advantage and disadvantage so does mobiles, the disadvantages or the negative impact of mobiles are:

    1. They reduce concentration power and makes people impatient.

    2. Overuse of mobiles can lead to various severe eyesight problem which may even lead to some critical disorders.

    3. Children as well as grown up adults are very easily addicted to mobiles for leisure and this goes to a next level and they demand using it continuously.

    So, mobile phones are actually a blessing in disguise if you are able to use it in the right manner you will be a winner but at the same time if you go in the wrong path, it is even capable of destroying one.

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