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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the advantages of advertising? Reply To: What are the advantages of advertising?

  • Mahima

    May 13, 2021 at 10:20 am
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    ADVERTISING: It is a type of paid communication that is intended to convince or persuade people to buy or try something. It helps in creating awareness in the market. Through advertisements, we can inform people what new products or services are introduced in the market and what features and advantages those products and services are having.

    Companies can persuade customers through advertisements. Advertising is a type of one-way communication in which brands interact with customers through various mediums. Advertising may be non-personal, such as on television, radio, or in newspapers, or extremely personal, such as on social media.


    1) Social Media Advertising

    2) Pay Per Click Advertising

    3) Mobile Advertising

    4) Print Advertising

    5) Broadcast Advertising

    6) Outdoor advertising

    7) Email Advertising


    1) Attracts new customers: As advertisements are shown on a large platform, so different people will be seeing it and might get attracted to it, and like this, along with existing customers new customers will also be added.

    2) Market Expansion: It helps in expanding markets, as now manufacturers will be able to display their products globally. They will be able to reach remote places also, which was not possible previously.

    3) Educating customers: If customers will get all information by looking at the advertisement of a particular product then they feel confident while buying that product. All the information related to the use, benefits and, price of the product can be shown in the advertisement.

    4) Better quality products: Goods are advertised under their brand names. Customers trust branded products, so to increase sales manufacturers will produce quality products to win customers’ confidence.

    5) Fighting Competition: If an advertisement will be shown creatively and attractively, then people will be attracted to it and buy more of it. Continuous display of advertisement helps in reminding customers continuously that this product is best.

    6) Employment generation: As advertisement will increase the sales and turnover of the company, then the company will produce on large scale thus employing many people.

    7)Elimination of middlemen: Advertising raises awareness and offers knowledge about the effectiveness of products and services. So, retailers place direct orders for consumer products. As a result, advertising cuts out the middleman and serves as a suitable replacement for the traveling salesman.

    Thank you.

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