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Activity Discussion History Describe the French division of society. Reply To: Describe the French division of society.

  • Aruja

    May 13, 2021 at 12:04 pm
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    Division of French society was the social cause of French Revolution. This was an Ancient regime. French Society was divided into three major sections.

    1st Estate- These includes Clergy (church), Bishops, Pops, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, ( Priest). Overall all the important people of society. Rich families, Part or officials of bourbon dynasty. They never have to pay taxes. There population was around 1 lakhs. land owned by them was 10% of whole France. The area each family of 1st estate used to hold was large, but they were not much in number in compared to 2nd, 3rd class. They had powers because they were part of the religion, rich businessman, officials who support and help in promoting the harsh bourbon rule.

    2nd Estate- These were all the land owners, notabilities, ( Shaukar), etc. There population was 4 lakhs. They owned 25% of land n the whole France. They also never pay taxes. They were the local rich men, They didn’t hold so much power, but still they were considered powerful because they used to give work to the poor farmer, and slavery and they were rich and they hold land. As the 3rd estate never had land on which they can work and they were large in number so the 2nd estate people used to provide work to 3rd estate.

    3rd Estate- These includes farmers, artist, Factory workers, traders, lawyers, public officials. Some of them are educated but still poor. there population was 2.7 crore, 95% of the total population. But all of them don’t even have properties. They used to pay all the taxes, harsh rules and regulation were applied on them. They didn’t hold any power or importance in France during that time.

    The educated class known as Bangeoisies they used to work for king.

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