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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why is it important to educate a girl child? Reply To: Why is it important to educate a girl child?

  • Sakchi

    May 13, 2021 at 12:29 pm
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    Education is the fundamental right of every child. But as we are living in male dominated country, here men is considered as men and women always viewed as soft underrated. These things also seems to be very normal because this is what we have seen since we born. Our society discriminate on the basis of gender, that is also given by our society only, race , height and many more. People believe having a male child is considered as having everything in life. The purpose of life is now successful. But if you are a girl , you have to be polite, responsible, careful about everything ; your dressing , your speaking behaviour, your sitting behaviour and for everything. Yes this is the truth of our country. The situation become speechless when mother too supports their sons . Afterall they are also girls but don’t know why?

    After discussing all these things , let us know why educating girl child is very very important :-

    It is believed that if a girl get educated she will be able to educate her next 7 generations.

    To stop these stereotypes thinking of the people girls need to be educated. I believe , giving birth to a baby is choice of every parent ,no one have forced them to do so but when a child get birth education is her right .

    To make girl economically , socially , emotionally independent she need to get a proper education.

    Education is the weapon by which we can cut all the barriers given to a girl . She is a human and she deserves everything in her life.

    Education also boosts up confidence and strength in them .

    If a girl get proper education, the myth of having male child will stop by the time.

    If a girl get educated , she has capability to stand for herself , fight for herself and win for herself.

    Yes , educating a girl is very important and needed for our country . For having our better future.

    Thank you!!

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