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Activity Discussion Essay Note on science is a boon or curse? Reply To: Note on science is a boon or curse?

  • Aruja

    May 13, 2021 at 12:31 pm
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    Science is a boon in every possible way. But everything has exceptions and so somewhere development of science and its access to a everyone can be very dangerous. If a country is developing in science and technology, the country is considered strong, developing country.

    Example- A country is developing in science by developing new nuclear weapons, inventing medicines to new deceases its a all over development. So its a boon for the country. But if that country uses them for inappropriate reasons, then it is a curse for the whole world. Same when a person use medicines when required its a boon, but if someone is selling them in a wrong way, doing wrong intake then its a curse.

    So there are so many many that we cannot them all, but we can tell that if a act is good or bad. Same way when someone misuses science they think that this act is profitable but its actually not. Taking false samples, creating dangerous chemicals without any knowledge has no sighs of good result but still people do it because they think that this can give you a easy way to what you want but that’s not true.

    In conclusion if you use anything in this world for welfare of everyone, with good intentions, then it is a boon. But if you are misusing anything for your personal well being and someone is getting into loos then its a curse.

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