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Activity Discussion History Why was the civil disobedience movement launched? Reply To: Why was the civil disobedience movement launched?

  • Shivani

    May 13, 2021 at 12:38 pm
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    Gandhi launched the direct action Movement as a result of Lord Irwin unheeded Gandhi’s eleven demands together with the conclusion of the salt tax. four options of the Movement:

    1. Gandhi began his salt march from Sabarmati and reached Dandi on sixth April wherever he factory-made salt and bust the law.

    2. Gandhi walked for twenty-four days covering ten miles per day and thousands followed him to interrupt the salt law. In different components of the country conjointly such march was control and salt law was broken.

    3. Foreign garments were boycotted once more and peasants refused to pay revenue.

    4. Forest individuals conjointly bust the forest laws by coming into the Reserved Forests to induce wood and graze oxen.

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