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Activity Discussion General Discussion Discuss how this corona virus pandemic has affected mental health of people and Reply To: Discuss how this corona virus pandemic has affected mental health of people and

  • Sakchi

    May 13, 2021 at 2:44 pm
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    The whole world is now fighting with one of the fatal disease . Today , people are escaping them from other people. Yes , I am talking about corona virus. It is so tiny that we cannot even see it with our naked eyes but still now it has taken lives of number of people. There is drastic impact of corona virus in our lives :-

    It has poorly affect the health of a person , decreases their immunity and also leads to death.

    It has also brutally effected the service and occupation of every individual. Specially for the poor people they has become totally hopeless.

    But mental unbalance has effect the most . People blindly believe in myths . Started following misleading information any many more.

    Mentally people become so weak that they assume they are affected by corona and get heartattack sometimes.

    They are in too much fear and anxiety and this totally affects their mental health.

    People started overthinking and hence situation become worst. It has been torturing for all of us.

    But what exactly is needed :-

    We should not panic in this tough situation. We should be calm.

    We donot loose hope almighty God will always with us.

    We should stay safely at home. Maintain social distancing and wash our hand time to time.

    We should help needed people our maid, our venders, our milkmen and all our workers.

    This is a like natural disaster we donot have any control on it only thing it that is needed that we should always stay positive and spread positivity.

    Stay hope and stay safe!!

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