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Activity Discussion Essay Note on science is a boon or curse? Reply To: Note on science is a boon or curse?

  • Manpreet

    May 13, 2021 at 3:57 pm
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    Every story has two aspects – a positive and a negative. It depends on us what we want to choose.

    With the evolution of Science, life has become a little easier.

    Even the deadliest diseases now can be cured, unlike the ancient era when death was the only option. Treatments were slow and sometimes in vain. Genetic disorders were not detected. With the development of medical science we can now detect the presence of any genetic diseases or malfunctions in an unborn child and can get them cured. Early detection can save life of two – the mother and the unborn.

    With the development of Genetically Modified Crops, agriculture has shown tremendous growth. With the use of plant hormones, crops can be made to survive for longer duration of time.

    With science communication has become easier, unlike the ancient era where one had to wait for days to know about their loved ones.

    With increase in technology, distance has no longer been an issue. With the development of internet, knowledge can be obtained with just a few clicks. Apps and websites are being made for everything, even for groceries at your door step. This has not only made our work easier but saves more time. The time one can utilize with their loved ones.

    However, technology has made us more dependent on internet and our gadgets. But, let’s be optimistic and thank Science and Technology for making our lives easier. Where everything is just one click away. We can connect with the entire world. We can learn anything and everything using our mobile phones. The development of technology is the need of the hour.

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