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  • Ishita

    May 13, 2021 at 4:16 pm
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    How Covid Pandemic Change Our life

    It’s been one year since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our life. Our lives change overnight for this virus. It’s brings so many changes in our lives that we could hardly ever imagine.First off all we all become isolated after discovered the quick spreading of this virus. All of public places like- cinema hall, restaurant, bar, malls soon become close. So we isolated from all the public place so soon we become alone and unsocial, I think that’s become the biggest change of our life.AlsobThere are so many daily labor, artist, workers loose their jobs for this critical situation, so the poverty level increase a lot.Face mask become our regular mate for this pandemic. We can’t go out anyway without wearing it.Economic conditions changed a lot specially for the mediocre and poor people the prices of our regular stuffs become so high, so there are so many difficulties we have to face for this. These are the negative change in our lives but there are some positive change too, like we lean to value our family, we all become so busy in our daily business that we hardly ever spend time with family, so it’s a positive one.

    So there are so many negative and positive changes that Covid-19 made in our life. But main things are we have fight with virus. For win this battle we have be careful and positive, and always spread awareness.

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