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Activity Discussion General Discussion Controlling Emotions Reply To: Controlling Emotions

  • Mahima

    May 13, 2021 at 6:04 pm
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    EMOTIONS: It simply means how you are feeling. Some of the emotions identified are happiness, sadness, anger, crying, pleasure. Emotions play a very important role in our life, as our reactions are dependent on how are we feeling at a particular point in time. Decisions we take are also derived from emotions. Emotions control our life.



    1.Happiness: Happiness is an enjoyable mental state marked by feelings of joy, contentment, fulfillment, pleasure, and well-being. When we are happy we take correct decisions in our life.

    2.Sadness: It is the emotion when we don’t feel good. Grief, disappointment, disinterest, hopelessness, and a depressed mood are all common symptoms.

    3.Fear: When you have fear of something at that time your heartbeat increases, you sweat a lot, you start panicking. If you are afraid of something then you can’t achieve anything in your life, as then you will not initiate in taking the steps forward to something.

    4.Surprised: When you don’t expect something to happen but that happens the reaction given by you is known as a surprising reaction. There can be a pleasant surprise or an unpleasant surprise.

    5. Anger: When things happen against your wish or when somebody doesn’t listen to you. When you are angry, you start hitting objects at times, frown at other people.

    6.Disgust: It is the feeling when you don’t like something or something is unpleasant. When you find something disgusting you tend to move away from those things by making faces.


    Don’t give immediate reactions: Do not react immediately, as when you are filled with some kind of emotion you tend to make wrong decisions on which you will regret later on. just leave that place by saying will reply to you later on, or breathe deeply for 4-5 minutes.

    Take guidance: Whenever you are filled with emotions and don’t know what to do, the best thing to do at that time is to take help from someone who can be your friend, family, or teacher.

    Search for a safe outlet: Emotions should never be kept under control that is you should always find a healthy way of letting out your emotions. Meet your best friend or other trusted person by you. Else you can meditate also or do activities in which you have an interest.

    Try to see another side: Whatever happens in your life whether good or bad, try to see another side of it, might be something good is hidden on the other side of it. Always keep a positive mindset that everything happens for good only.

    Take your time: Keep yourself distant from all the feelings and thoughts. Identify your emotions and think of the outcomes of those emotions. Go for a walk, pamper yourself.


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