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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on why do we celebrate Diwali? Reply To: Essay on why do we celebrate Diwali?

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 13, 2021 at 6:17 pm
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    India is a land of festivals. And one of the beautiful festival was diwali also called the festival of lights. All indians celebrate the diwali day by lighting lamps in the house and celebrate with fireworks and sweets. Than the south indian, north indians celebrate the festival as a big celebration.

    Diwali festival is related to Ramayana the Epic book of Hindu mythology. During the regin of Rama, he his wife Seetha devi and Laxmana, brother of lord Rama, were going to exile by the command of their father,the king. During the exiled time Ravana the king of monsters, abducted Seetha devi. Later with the help of Hanuman, Rama rescued his wife Seetha devi from the hands of Ravana at his kingdom by killing him. Whole people and kings were afraid of Ravana. Because he has a special boon by lord Shiva. After the exiletion period of 14 years Rama entered to his kingdom with the victory over Ravana. That made the people much festive. They lightened up the lamps (deepam) infront of their houses and welcomed the team.

    This is one of the mythology about Diwali. But in Buddhism, Jainism and some south indian culture they celebrate diwali in mythological believe. Some related to Krishna and others for new year starting so.

    I think you got an idea about Diwali festival! 😊

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