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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Explain conjunction a part of speech. Explain its types with examples. Reply To: Explain conjunction a part of speech. Explain its types with examples.

  • Ishita

    May 13, 2021 at 6:59 pm
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    Conjunction is a part of parts of speech. Parts of speech is the most important part in grammar. We can not learn grammar without understand parts of speech , so as a part of it conjunction is also very important in grammar. So let’s learn about conjunction


    Conjunction is a part of speech which is use to join different words, phrase or sentences.

    Let’s learn conjunction with examples-

    She didn’t speak to anyone, and nobody speak to her.

    See carefully, here ” She didn’t speak to anyone ” is a sentence and ” Nobody speak to her” is a sentence. These two are meaningful and different sentences. So the word join them together is “and”.This is the thing which join the sentences together. So in this sentences ” and ” is a conjunction.

    Types of conjunction:-

    There are three types of conjunction

    1) Coordinating Conjunctions

    2) Subordinating Conjunctions

    3) Correlative Conjunctions

    1) Coordinating Conjunctions:- Coordinating Conjunctions is a conjunction which join two sentences of equal grammatical rank and synthetic for, and so, yet, or etc.

    Example:- I will go to shopping or I will got to campaign.

    I feel hungry so I made sandwich

    2) Subordinating Conjunctions:-

    Subordinating Conjunctions is a conjunction which join sentences using where, when, while, before, after,because, once, though etc.

    Example:- I read newspaper because it provides information.

    The train reach the station before us.

    3) Correlative Conjunctions:- Correlative Conjunctions is a pair words which are use to connect the parts of sentences which are equal value, by using not only – but also, as-as, rather-than, neither-nor, both-and etc.

    Example- Maya can both sing and dance.

    Gita not only a painter but also a singer.

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