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Activity Discussion Environment How are mountains formed? Reply To: How are mountains formed?


    May 13, 2021 at 8:19 pm
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    Mountains are the earth surfaces that are elevated than the normal earth’s crust. They are distinguished by their rising steep slope and their excessive heights.

    Now mountains are natural landforms. Therefore, their formation is nothing unnatural. They are all formed due to something occurring particularly on the earth or below its surfaces.

    To understand the formation let’s take an example first.

    If we take two notebooks side by side and started exerting force from both sides what will happen? One of the notebooks might slide upwards and above the other notebook right, or one might simply get folded if it is not a hard bind. This is the simple demonstration of what happens beneath the earth’s surface that causes the mountains to form.

    There are mainly three types of mountains. Each of them is formed differently.

    1.Block Mountain

    These mountains are formed simply when a block/ fault-block is raised.

    This happens when the tectonic places present on the earth’s surface tend to move away from each other due to an acting force or other. When it does, it leaves gaps between them. These gaps when occurring in a parallel level makes the surface in between, to act as a separated block. This block is free to move. Hence, when this block rises upwards due to forces of nature block mountains are formed.

    2.Fold Mountains:

    These mountains as the name suggests are nothing but folded earth surface, risen up from the earth’s surface. This happens when the tectonic places present on the earth’s surface tend to move towards each other and creates a pushing force on one another. When it does this, the layers of rocks and earth surface that are not too hard start to form folds. These folds are nothing but upward bending of the earth’s surface. With time it stiffens up. And with more force, it hardens itself up. Thus creating the fold mountains.

    3. Volcanic Mountain:

    Although few factors might be the same. The formation process is quite different here from the other too. Everybody is known of volcanoes and their effects. So when a volcano occurs, the hot molten lava comes out from the core of the earth and settles itself on the earth’s surface. This continuous piling of molten lava creates a pile that is much higher in height than the land beside. Thus, the pile stiffens up with time and when it has risen to a much higher altitude we call it volcanic mountains.

    Thus, through all these, we can say that tectonic plates and their movements are essentially the factors that result in the formation of mountains.

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