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  • Ishita

    May 13, 2021 at 8:30 pm
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    Mobile phones are become the most important part of our daily life. We can’t think of our lives without it .In earlier time mobile phones were only used for communication but today it’s being used on various purpose.Most of the people have smart phones on their hands.By using phones we all are become a part of modern technology which gives us so many power. On the other hand it can destroy our lives. So there are some advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phone,

    Advantages of mobile phone:-

    1)We can communicate with people very easily.

    2) There are so many online platform like- Facebook, Instagram, what’s app by which we can communicate with people around the world.

    3)If we are having any problem in understanding a meaning ,finding information, learn about something we can get it by a second by google it.

    4) We can buy and sell products by using various apps.

    5) We can also entertain ourselves by using social media by online games, watching flims, listening to music,reading books which are not currently available in our near by shopes.

    6) In this pandemic situation mobiles helps us by attending online classes and office meetings.

    Disadvantages of mobile phones:-

    1) Mobile phones make our kids very introvert , they seems to have no interest in outdoor playing games.

    2) Mobile phones distract us from all of our daily works. The youth become so much addicted towards it.

    3) The young generations are trapped on using social media by hackers, become the victims of cyber crime.

    4) Mobile phones can also caused cyber bullying, it can cause mental trauma, anxiety and often make to feel us low.

    5) Mobile phone also can effect on our organ by its harmful rays, this rays can effect on our eyes, brain, ear.

    6) In this pandemic situation most of the class are held by online video calling apps but it’s very difficult for the children of ruler areas as they don’t get network connection and smart phones so it’s cause the downfall of their education.

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