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Activity Discussion Essay Note on science is a boon or curse? Reply To: Note on science is a boon or curse?

  • Kumari

    May 13, 2021 at 8:43 pm
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    According to my opinion, science is definitely a boon for the mankind but it also depends upon how we use it. Science and technology has developed so much that the things that were impossible at some point of time in the past are now actually happening. Just like the dream for human to fly like a bird came true through the invention of airoplanes science has developed a lot in past few years. From the accidental experiment of the fire to the recent generation of vaccine for the covid-19 virus and treating patients from the online mode without getting infected ,there has been a tremendous development in the field of science. It has become very easy for us to connect to anyone around the globe. Earlier we had home made food but now have the provision for packaged food which can be stored for a couple of days.
    Earlier we had brooms that took alot of efforts but now we have vacuum cleaner which takes lesser time and efforts and and does all the cleaning. Earlier people had to move from one place to another by walking which took a lot of time and lot of days to reach our destination but now we have cars,scooteys,bikes that cover a long distance within a couple oft time. We have all the arrangements to make our life easy but it depends on how we use these technologies. As the technology and science has developed people are misusing it for there personal needs. Accounts are being hacked, home securities are being deactivate by a third person, cyber crime has increased and there are many more ways through which the people are misusing these things. Everything we have has both positive and negative impact on us and we should try to control ourselves and just not go with the flow to do wrong things and try to help others if we have the knowledge of science and technology more then them.

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