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    May 13, 2021 at 9:03 pm
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    To understand the difference between each of them, we just need to learn what are herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. That’s it.


    All living animal which survives its life by consuming the only plant or plant-based item i.e. autotrophs is known as herbivores. They are distinguished from other animals as their digestive system is suitable only to digest plant and plant produces. For this reason, their mouths have teeth that are suitable for grinding those products. They have flat molars that help in chewing plants. It is a particular psychological adaptation that has been there generations after generations for a particular animal species.

    For example,

    There are koala bears, gorillas that are adapted to eat only leaves. Horses are there who only live on grasses and few other seeds. Small sea animals including crabs, snail, sea urchin, etc have only algae as food.


    It is an entirely different animal species that is completely opposite to the herbivores. Any organism that lives its life by consuming only meat or animal flesh is termed a carnivore. Carnivores are one of the most dominating parts of the food chain. By nature, they are supposed to be fierce and violent creatures. They survive by killing another fellow organism which when they haunt is termed as prey. Their body is tuned in such a way that they cannot survive without meat. It is an essential requirement for them. For this reason, their features are developed too. They have sharp canines to tear meat.

    For example,

    Especially mammals fall under this category. This includes lion, tiger, leopard cheetah, etc. They hunt animals in the forest and fulfill their dietary needs.


    Omnivores are those organisms that have no restrictions. This simply means they can have both plants and meats to satisfy their dietary needs. There are different categories of omnivores. Some are no different from the carnivores, they consume meat in similar ways. Some are known as scavengers. They survive by eating dead meat, i.e. dead animals. Also, there is another category that can survive just by pants or animal products. Thus, they can extract energy from all sources.

    The animals falling under these categories are badgers, bears, pigs, dogs, squirrels, etc, and of course, humans.

    Scavengers like a vulture, hyena, raccoon, jackals are the consumer of dead meats.

    Thus, from this, we can clearly understand that what differentiates each category from the other.

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