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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to stay away from toxic people? Reply To: How to stay away from toxic people?

  • Mahima

    May 14, 2021 at 10:04 am
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    TOXIC PEOPLE: We all have come across toxic people at least once in our life. Toxic people are those who try to spread negativity all around. They don’t make you feel good about interacting with them.

    They always see the bad in every situation and start complaining about everything.

    Toxic people themselves feel bad, upset about everything so they make other people also feel the same. They always need attention from people around them. Always feel good when they create drama at whatever place they may go. Always try to manipulate others.


    1.Don’t get carried away– When toxic people complain about something, or try to play their victim card on you just listen to them quietly and say ”I am sorry that you went through all these things all alone” and stop that topic then and there. Do not step into the boat of complaining along with them.

    2.Pay attention to their behavior: If you will start paying attention to the behavior and treatment of other people towards you then you will understand how to communicate with them from now onwards.

    Some people talk rudely to you when they are angry but then doesn’t mean they come into the category of toxic people, everybody has their ups and downs in their life. Notice if they feel sorry after being rude to you.

    3.Say No whenever required– When you feel that something wrong is being discussed and you can’t tolerate it anymore, just say no to their drama to avoid further scenes. It is not easy to say sorry but specifically when they are telling you their emotional story.

    4.Remember you are not wrong: The toxic behavior of another person can make you feel that you are at fault. They shall try to make you believe that you did something wrong to them, also they can try to twist your words to present you in a bad picture in front of all other people.

    5.Make yourself unavailable: Toxic people know very well whom they can manipulate, so whenever they reach out to you, tell them you are busy. If you will never be available to them, they shall not come to you from next time.

    6.Stay calm: Whenever such a person approaches you and does gossiping, or act in a way that is non- tolerable, just stay calm. Breathe slowly, try to distract yourself by looking into your phone, and try to relax your muscles.


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