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  • Mahima

    May 14, 2021 at 10:08 am
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    Books have always been our best friend since our childhood, as they never leave us from our childhood till the time we live. Every time you read a book you will learn something new. If you have a passion for reading books then you will always appreciate the place where books are kept whether it’s a cafe, a small store, or a big library.

    If you will read even two pages of a book every day, you will notice the difference in your personality. Gradually your personality, the mindset will improve, then you will realize that even a small activity of reading two pages of a book can bring such a change in your life.

    Reading a book not only increases your knowledge but also helps in making your mind sharp, making you creative and imaginative.

    Books have all kinds of information that you need. Books play a major role in our life, the importance of books in people’s life can’t be underestimated.

    1.Increases your vocabulary– While reading books you will come across many new words, write down those words and use them in your daily life. even by reading 2-3 pages per day, you will come across hundreds of new words.

    2.Improves concentration- While reading you have to keep your attention in one place and not have to get distracted. Reading a book requires. Reading requires patience, concentration, and time. You have to keep your interest in the book you are reading.

    3.Improves writing skills– As you will read, your language will improve along with your vocabulary. You will have many ideas while writing. As every writer is a big and addicted reader.

    4.Boosts your sleep– Very few people know that reading books helps you in improving your sleeping pattern. Reading a book makes you feel stress-free so that will make your mind calm and peaceful and it is very easy to sleep properly with a calm and peaceful mind.

    5. Better Communication– Reading improves your vocabulary, so with good vocabulary, you will feel far better while communicating with other people.

    6.Improves memory– Reading one or two pages in a day will help you in increasing your memory and focus.

    For example: like we used to read a comprehension in our school days that also helps us to improve our memory.

    The memory competitions which used to be conducted in our school just to check how much have been retained by us.

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