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Activity Discussion Essay Discuss whether the online education during pandemic is a boon or bane? Reply To: Discuss whether the online education during pandemic is a boon or bane?

  • Mahima

    May 14, 2021 at 10:59 am
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    Online Education is a boon.

    Many students in our country want to study but due to lack of infrastructural facilities like there is no school or college nearby to their home, so they are not able to study due to those reasons. Many people want to learn and earn a degree in some specific course but they are not able to do it as they can’t quit their full-time jobs. In such a scenario online education is the only option left with them to learn and grow in the desired field.

    In many foreign countries, E-Learning is already very popular so that people can manage their personal, professional life along with their studies.

    In online learning, people take virtual classes, chat with their classmates, and if they have doubt they can talk to their teachers as well or can send messages to their teachers at any time.


    a. Learn from anywhere and at any time: People who have many duties to perform can manage their schedule that is at what time they are free to attend the lectures. Even if you have gone somewhere then also you can attend the lectures from that place.

    b. Lectures Review: As it is very normal for a student to get distracted during their lectures they can watch that particular class later on as well as every lecture in online education is recorded.

    c. Less intimidating: Many students are not comfortable while talking in front of the class, due to the hesitation they may not be able to ask questions., but online education asking questions or interacting with other students become easy.

    d. More time to think and share: Generally in online education, there are forums or discussion boards where people can post their questions or answers. Also can share their opinion on different topics. While in offline education students have to think and share their answers immediately.

    e. Cost– The cost of online courses is equal to or less than the traditional courses. Students can avoid unnecessary expenses like lab fees, hostel fees, travel costs, and many more expenses of the same nature.

    f. Easy group tasks: Communicating for group tasks becomes easy in online education as students can connect via e-mails, video conferencing, or chat rooms. While in offline learning students have to decide the particular day and time to meet each other and if any person is not available then the plan has to be canceled.

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