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Activity Discussion Environment How is air pollution harmful for environment? Reply To: How is air pollution harmful for environment?

  • Sudesna

    May 14, 2021 at 12:56 pm
    Not Helpful

    It can be harmful for our environment by polluting our sources and eventually degrading our resources,they are poisonous and it may impact the mother earth by not letting it breathe properly and forming clogs in the process,clogging the process of progress in the surrounding,impacting its living beings fatally ,impacting their mortality rate and even death,it can cause very grave consequences and always let to other disaster,It can impact the air composition and affect the atmosphere ,leading to stress and inflammed states in human health detrimental for the human survival and deadly for the human existence ,they seem to be no way to escape this,it erodes the protective ozone layer ,leading to problematic and grave consequences laying way to chronic and acute diseases and more new fatal disformities which people take with them through generations.

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