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Activity Discussion Environment What are Northern Lights? Reply To: What are Northern Lights?

  • Sudesna

    May 14, 2021 at 1:05 pm
    Not Helpful

    Northern light is one of the nature’s wonders and have been a thing of wonder for decades ,it shows up as a array of dancing lights and on a dark sky it seems marvelous to look at and not always seen elsewhere ,it is seen at specific places and as it is the result of the atomic reactions which emit light it is bound to be thought as the process of being magnificient in its own way it is seen both in the northern and southern hemispheres and have their own characteristics ,they show up to be truly inspiring and truly a beautiful creation of mother earth,the cgarged particles from sun strikes the atoms on earth’s atmosphere they light up and let the electrons in the atoms move to higher energy state and emit light,they are flowing continuously ,so they appear dancing seen at both the poles of earth,at the magnetic poles of earth .

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